making pasta.


plain flour



from a bit of trial and error, I have worked out that if you go for a ratio of

1 egg : 3/4 cup flour

generally it works out good! I should also note that the one “serve” of pasta generally equates to 1 egg and 3/4 cup of flour. However if you like your meals on the bigger size, you will find this vary accurate measurement frustratingly inadequate…


If you enjoy washing dishes as much as me *insert sarcastic eye roll* you will enjoy this step. Clean off a bench (note you will be making the pasta dough on the bench so I suggest finding one that you feel comfortable eating off) and sift your flour straight onto the surface you have chosen.

Then carefully make the flour mound into a flour bowel like so↓

flour bowel.

Crack your eggs straight into your flour bowl and GENTLY whisk with a fork ↓

eggs in the flour bowel (try to restrain yourself when whisking as the flour bowel as it does not have much structural integrity).
After about 5 minutes of whisking, the flour will have started to mix in with the eggs.

You can now attempt to mix the last of your flour bowel in to the eggs (this step can get messy) and bring the dough together ↓

its dough!

Knead the dough for a bit until it is smooth (about 5-10 minutes) and seperate it into palm sized balls ↓

dough balls.

Wrap the balls in plastic wrap and let the sit for a minimum of 30 minutes (if you forget about them and leave them for 3 hours thats ok too).

Once you are ready to roll out your pasta you can either use a pasta roller OR if you are cheap like me, a rolling pin and muscles (trust me, you will need the muscles)!

Sprinkle your work surface (or pasta maker) with flour and and start rolling. It is a good idea to fold your pasta sheets into thirds between rolling or passing through the pasta roller do this 3-6 times depending on how much stamina you have…

If you aim for 1mm thick sheets you will have a good size to make spaghetti, fettuccine, and lasagna sheets.

I had to hand cut my pasta, which was marginally successful ↓

my hand cut fettuccine.

At this point your options are endless as to what you can do with your pasta, go wild, make something up! You could try making ravioli, or tortelli, or stick to the classics!

To cook your pasta, bring a big pot of water to a rolling boil, add some salt and dump in your pasta. If you are cooking it fresh it will only take about 5 minutes to cook (some say that once the pasta starts floating then its ready).

Congrats you have made pasta! Drain, cover in your fav edible pasta accessories and EAT!