raised garden, the making.

Over the summer, I had some extra time on my hands and decided to start my own home garden. I have since been bitten by the ‘garden bug’ so to speak and have slowly moved from this ↓

what I started with.

to this↓

the finished product.

With my limited knowledge of above ground small scale gardens, rather than pursue this gardening endeavour with solid base of internet research and garden related reading, I just decided to start making stuff and see what happened.

My first pallet square was a bit of a rush job, I am not the most patient person, so I just pulled out my saw and hammer and started cutting stuff up!

my first pallet bed in the making…

After this first pallet garden, I quickly decided that I NEEDED more.

Well my friends, Bunnings (in Australia thats THE place to go for handy person things, garden things, home improvement things, most things actually…) is the place to go! If you are really lucky and find a nice employee they will show you out the back to the pallet graveyard! This is where you can find almost any kind of pallet you could wish for! Even some pre-made garden pallets, which were my most exciting find to date!

So now I have 3 pallet gardens, and large selection of plastic pots in a variety of sizes, and have recently planted potatoes in old horse feed bags! I will do a follow up post about using bags to grow potatoes, or you could google ‘growing potatoes in bags’ and there are many helpful pages already out there.

So to finish off, making your own veggie garden can be simple and cost effective! The best thing to do if you want to start growing your own food, is just to start! And share your ideas around with other people, visit some community gardens, do some pintresting, the resources are endless.