Hi. This is me.


Recently graduating from uni, landing a job, and leaving said job 6 months later I have found myself [again] in that period of limbo that most of us 1st worlders experience in the interim between High School and deciding what the heck to do with the rest of our lives.

At this point in someones life there is this usually one little question that starts niggling the back of their mind…”what do I do with my life?”

For some people this question has one simple answer. For others, maybe the answer is slightly more complicated. For (what I expect might be the majority) the rest of us out there, the answer changes as quickly as  -insert cool metaphor here, maybe something to do with my younger sister* and changing cloths while getting ready for a date-.

Just this morning I decided that I was going to become a dolphin trainer, then a tour guide, then maybe I would open a coffee shop. But maybe I will go back to uni and do a research Masters… What about becoming a Vet! I like animals, I am good with medical stuffs.

See my dilemma? So after some initial soul searching and wise advice, I have decided that rather than try to be one thing or another, it is time that I embrace my indecisiveness and just enjoy who I am. This site is going to be a place to share my projects and interests with the internet and see what happens.

happy reading.




*pls note I don’t have a younger sister.


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